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Sarah McKillop played by Katrina Sedgewick

Episodes 1 - 50

Sarah is Westside's resident lawyer. She works at the legal centre closely to Bob Brown. She is tough, she is hard and when she first arrives in E Street not many people like her. She is in constant conflict with George and Paul, as the local cops they often end up on opposite sides to Sarah. She also has a few disagreements with Elly - again because of professional ethnics. The closest person to Sarah is Bob. Working together and on the same side, he sees a side to her that no-one else does. She is a good friend to him and is first to realise his feelings for Elly go a lot deeper than 'just good friends'. She offers him advice and whisky and it's here that we see the softer Sarah.

Sarah also comes good in time to help Elly. When David files for custody of Claire, Sarah takes on the case and offers Elly some good advice. Claire is very fond of Sarah and Sarah does her best to see that Claire is kept with Elly. However Sarah's tough fun-loving attitude attracts the wrong sort of attention when Sam Bulmer develops an unhealthy obsession towards her. On the eve of the custody hearing after an evening with Bob, Sam rapes and strangles Sarah. When she fails to turn up at the courthouse, Bob goes to her house and finds her dead. The residents of E Street are devastated. Those who had already found in Sarah; such as Bob and Lisa, were left grieving for their loss, whilst those who were on the verge of having a close friend in Sarah were grieving for what they missed out on. Bob holds a memorial service in Sarah's honour and it's clear that despite bad first impressions, Sarah will be missed as a good friend and a fantastic lawyer.