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E Street The Music Launch Jukebox


I wanna, I wanna Love you Right

'Love You Right' from the album 'Total Euphoria'

One of the most played songs at the pub, this music video also featured in E Street as Kelley Abbey (Jo-Jo) and Simon Denny (Sam) appeared in it. The dance version of the song was played when the police broke into Steven's house after he had attacked Sheridan.

Hey there baby, you make me feel so fine....

'Do For You' from the album 'Total Euphoria'

Again, this was played a lot in the pub. Also played in a dream sequence Lisa had in the episode that the Patchett's died and Elly was shot.

Gotta get the wheels in motion....

'Wheels in Motion' from the album 'Total Euphoria'

Played when Toni and Janine sat their exams and when Lisa was getting ready for her first day at WTV8. Played in the pub also.

I will never leave you, don't you ever leave me....

'I will never leave you' from the album 'Total Euphoria'

Played when Sheridan made her first entrance into E Street. Also played in the episode after Elly and Bob got together, where Elly, Toni & Claire met Bob & Harley for a morning jog!

You're one in a million you're changing my opinion....

'One in a Million' from the album 'Total Euphoria'

The introduction of this song just scream Patchetts Pacific. Always played in the pub!!!


ooh it must be love, that we're thinking of, won't find any better....

'It Must Be Love' from the album 'Groove'.

From one of thee most famous E Street scenes ever! This song was played when Wheels and Lisa shared a bath. It was also played when Lisa thought Wheels had returned to Westside, shortly after his departure.


The sky was a deeper blue this morning....

'Felt like a kiss' from the album 'E Street - The Music'

This song reminds me of Jack Brown, which is fitting seeing as Andrew Williams appears in the video as Jack Brown!! It was played in the pub but mostly used for Jack and Melanie's story.

Hey, hey, hey, jump on the motorbike of love....

'Motorbike of Love' from the album 'E street - The Music

Another one on the Patchett's jukebox!! Jo-Jo also sung this quite a bit when she and Joey were busking.


If my friends all turned away, when I went walking by....

'I've Had You' from the album 'The story so far...'

Jo-Jo sung this towards the end of E Street when she started to get more regular gigs as a solo singer. She also sung it in the final episode of E Street when she closing her cafe at the end of the night.

Tears, they're rolling down my cheek, Tears, I feel them as I speak....

'Tears' from the album 'The Story so far...'

Played a lot in the pub, but probably most notably, when Lisa told Paul that Chris, Megan and Abbey had been killed, and that Elly had been shot.

Body and soul, oh, oh, oh....

'Body & Soul' from the album 'The Story So Far'

Played a lot in the background and on the radio. I think it was used most in aerobic sessions!!!

She has to be loved, she want to be needed, don't want to be hated....

'She has to be Loved' from the album 'The Story So Far'

A regular song in the pub! Also played a lot on Toni's room and on various characters stereos!!


I swear that I love you, I swear that I care....

'I Swear' from the album 'Propaganda'

Played during a dream sequence that Lisa had just after she married Michael - she dreamt she was married to Wheels. Played a lot in the pub!

Like a nervous kid, at a brand new school....

'Nervous Kid' from the album 'Propaganda'

This song was played a lot in the pub, it was also the song Nikki always used to sing if she was auditioning for a job with the band!

I stand by the road, head in my hands, not knowing which way to go...

'New Life' from the album 'Propaganda'

Often played in the pub, but had it's most noticed airing when Elly, Toni and Claire were shopping for Elly's new car.

Every song on this album was played on E Street - it's a great mix of tunes and it's full of E Street memories. Other songs iclude; Real Love, Slumber, Cool Jesus and Only Love.


Do to me what your eyes say you want to do, do it, read my lips....

'Read my Lips' from the Album 'Fresh'

E Street's very own Melissa Tkautz made a hit out of this fantastic song, and it was never off the E Street jukebox! Played loads in the pub, in their homes - everywhere. A typical E Street song and we loved it!

I want to reach you, touch you, capture you, Sexy is the word....

'Sexy is the Word' from the album 'Fresh'

Another hit from Melissa and another top E Street tune. The video's to 'Sexy is the word' and 'Read My Lips' were both featured on E Street when Melissa's character Nikki dreamt she was a pop star!!!


Day will come, here alone you cry.....

'Day Will Come' from the album 'Love Verses Money'

An E Street anthem! Played loads in Patchetts, but really this was Harley and Toni's song. Played during Harley's dreams about Toni and also during the boxing match when Harley and Max fought for Toni.

God, it takes so long to get to where you're going.....>

'Home' from the album 'Touch'

This song was used around the time Lisa and Alice were leaving Westside. It was played just after Lisa had been locked in the freezer by Steven, and Alice had her dream.

Those days we've left behind....

'In My Youth' from the album 'Touch'

This is probably best known for Bob's funeral. Jo-Jo sung this song as Bob's coffin was carried out of the church. The same version was played over the credits of the very last E Street episode.

Until we meet again, Rest In Peace....

'R.I.P (Millie)' From the album 'Love Verses Money'

This was played when Lisa was selling Michaels boat shortly after his death. She had a brief dream before telling Wheels she thought she was pregnant.


'Freedom' on the album 'Love Verses Money'

Notoriously shouted by Wheels as he and Sheridan broke out of Ed Farrell's custody! This song was played loads when Wheels and Sheridan were o the run!

You send invitations I don't want, no more....

'No Lies' from the album 'Noiseworks'

Played in the final scene of Lisa and Michael's wedding episode, when Wheels was left watching Lisa from afar.

Other songs that were played on E Street from the three Noiseworks albums are: Touch, Hot Chilli Woman, Mile and Miles, Love Somebody & Simple Man.


Yeah, Yeah I can feel it....

'I Can Feel It' from the album 'Beyond The Peach Tree'

This video was played on E Street and it featured Lorry D'Er Cole as Joey Valentine. This song was played a lot in the pub and at parties. It's a summer song!

I'll try to make you understand, but I guess....

'Proove' from the album 'Beyond The Peach Tree'

Again, the intro to this songs just screams Patchett's Pacific!! It's a definite E Street tune. The video was shown towards the end of E Street when Sally was viewing the TV late at night!!!


Be mine, be mine, be my little baby....

'Be My Baby' from the Album 'Get Happy'

This song was played quite a lot from around 1991 onwards. Played a lot in the pub but also in characters in homes. It was sued a lot during the Wheels and Sheridan on the run storyline. It was used after they had got married and when Ed blew away their hideout.

oohh I can't help myself, I love you and nobody else...

'Can't Help Myself' from the Album 'Get Happy'

One of Ernie's favourite songs! This music video was played in the pub after The Teen Queens made their first E Street appearance. Always heard in the pub - a really party tune!!

I love how your eyes close whenever you kiss me....

'I Love How You Love Me' from the Album 'Get Happy'

This was played a lot on E Street, especially during the romantic moments!! But I think it's fair to say it's Toni and CJ's song. It was played at their wedding when Toni walked down the aisle, and then The Teen Queens sung it at their reception. The instrumental version was used for several dream sequences.

Other songs that were played on E Street from the 'Get Happy' album are: Wouldn't It Be Nice, Stay A While, Baby It's You & Mr Postman.


Hey, does it ever make you wonder what's on mind....

'The Day You Went Away' from the album's 'Lily' & 'Stepping Stones'

Most notably used in E Street dream sequences; Bob's dream about Elly, Toni's dream about Harley, Bob's dream about Harley. Also used during the Patchett's funeral and when Bob and Elly left the church.

There's a Square Moon over Manhattan....

'Square Moon' from the album 'Emigre'

Played in the early days when Chris proposed to Lisa. Also played a lot in Sheridan's house!

Just when I lose my touch, you come up and touch me....

'Friday's Child' from the album 'Stepping Stones'

Played a lot in Patchetts Pacific pub. Also played in Sheridan's house around the time of the Mr Bad storyline.

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