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Rhonda Berry played by Melanie Salomon

Episodes 1 - Aftermath Part 2

Rhonda is the childhood sweetheart of Paul. They married in their hometown of Ballina and moved to Westside when his job at Westside Police Station turned out to be more permanent then expected. Rhonda moved away from her beloved Surfers Paradise to settle with Paul in E Street. Rhonda took a job at Elly's surgery as receptionist and settles into E Street best she could. She threw herself into the community by coaching the basketball team and becoming a good friend to Sarah. She was determined to make things work for she and Paul and their new home.

During a siege, Rhonda was shot by a policeman. It was an accident but the event was witnessed by Paul, who kept a vigil at her bedside as she lay in a coma. No amount of visitors could wake Rhonda up and she died of a heart attack. Paul was devastated and it just seemed so unfair to everyone around that Rhonda was never really given a chance at life.