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Paul Berry played by Warren Jones

Episodes 1 - 198

Paul Berry is one of the good guys. Along with George he works at the Westside police station. He has worked hard to become a cop and with Georges influence he has become one of the best. When Paul's job in Westside becomes more permanent than expected, his wife Rhonda has to make the move from their home in Ballana to Westside. She finds it hard to settle in but Paul makes a nice home for them and all of his friends make her feel welcome. Paul and Rhonda have a perfect marriage. He fell in love with her as soon as he saw her and it has been a fairytale all the way. Unfortunately, this story doesn't have a happy ending and Rhonda is shot dead in front of Paul. He obviously takes it hard and partly blames himself. He feels as a policeman he should've been able to prevent it. However with the help of good friends Chris and Lisa, Paul picks up his life and starts again.

When Jennifer St. James arrives in E STREET Paul is attracted to her. They have a small fling but Jennifer's dad interferes and Paul's heart is not really in it. He concentrates on being a good cop. He likes George, he looks up to him and learns a hell of a lot from him. Paul feels lonely at his house and decides to move into the pub. There's always action there and it's somewhere he can be close to his friends. Paul is a good friend to have. He supports Lisa when she is raped and helps Chris through his problems with Megan. One person he doesn't get on with is George's daughter Alice. Her wild, free spirit is the opposite of Paul and they clash on every subject! This is until Alice sees Paul in a new light and she begins to pursue him. Paul is blind to the fact, he thinks she's just being friendly and he's glad that they have put their differences behind them. In the end Lisa asks Paul out on behalf on Alice. He gets the wrong idea and thinks it is Lisa who wants to go out with him. He is pretty happy about it and sets himself up for a date with Lisa. While he arrives at Lisa's flat, Alice is waiting at the pub for him to ask her out. When he realises he's got his wires crossed he's more petrified than embarrasses and sets out to avoid Alice. She continues to woo him and Paul can't live with himself anymore. He gently tells her he's flattered but doesn't see her in that way. She's upset and when she finds out that Lisa didn't warn her she stops talking to Paul. While helping George get some birds out of his loft, Paul falls through the ceiling. He appears to be alright but when he falls into his breakfast at the pub, he is taken to hospital with mild concussion. When a guilty Alice arrives he puts on an Oscar winning performance and they make up. Their fall out brings them closer and become good friends.

When Lisa's bad boy brother returns to Westside, Paul finds himself siding with George. Although Sonny is keeping out of trouble, George's instincts have yet failed to be wrong and Paul's attitude towards Sonny brings him into conflict with new girl Kim Talbot. As a journalist, Kim has an open mind and sees Sonny as a good story. Still, this doesn't stop Paul asking her to dinner and something starts to simmer between them. Sonny also likes Kim and when he uses his past to woo her Paul is left on the outside. However, Sonny begins to scare Kim and he tries to rape her. At this time Paul feels he wants to move out of the pub and along with David he competes for a room at Kim's house. Deciding she needs protection she invites them both to move in and so begins a rather funny triangle. Paul and Kim try to start a relationship but they get interrupted and the spark isn't there. They resolve to be good friends and Paul becomes her minder when it comes to Sonny. As Alice and Harley find themselves on the receiving end of Sonny's games, Paul and new cop Max figure out that Sonny also has a grudge against Kim. As they arrive at Kim's house Sonny has a gun to her head. Paul tries to shoot at him but the picture of Rhonda getting shot appears in his head and he freezes. As Max steps in to save Kim he is shot, leaving Sonny on the loose and a guilty Paul. Max and Kim are fine but Paul can't live with what happened and plans to get Sonny. He follows Lisa to Sonny's hide - out and tries to shoot him. In a wrong state of mind, Paul tries to fight Sonny and comes pretty close to killing him. George and Bob arrive in time to drag Paul off Sonny and Sonny is arrested. Paul knows he overstepped the mark and he hands in his resignation. George is upset about it and Lisa won't talk to Paul because she can't forgive him for trying to kill her brother. Thanks to Kim, Lisa sees the error of her ways and makes up with Paul.

Paul leaves the force to study law, as he feels that is where his heart lies. He keeps himself busy with some shifts at the pub - whilst trying to romance Kim. It works and with Kim taking time off work to get over the Sonny affair they grow closer. Paul initially has doubts as he feels he is betraying Rhonda. But he comes to his senses and Paul and Kim officially become an item. The conflict in their relationship never leaves, which keeps the spark alive and Paul decides to go back to the force. Lucky for him, George has kept his resignation letter and put Paul on unpaid leave. Paul is reinstated and all is well. Feeling mad and impulsive, Paul proposes to Kim and she accepts. Their celebrations are ruined by Sonny, who escapes form prison - putting the lives of the E STREET residents in danger. Not letting their spirits be dampened, Paul and Kim throw an engagement party at the pub. Surrounded by his friends - mainly giving him advice about marriage - Paul waits for his fiancé' to arrive. But she never does. He doesn't understand why, and spends the night worrying. The next day George calls him to the police station, Bob and Max have found Kim's body and she is dead. It appears she has been shot - Sonny has murdered her. Paul's world falls apart once again. He can't cope with life in Westside and goes to New Zealand for Kim's funeral. When he returns he's in for another shock. Sonny's reign of terror has continued and in a fatal tragedy, Chris, Megan and Abbey have been killed by a bomb. Elly has been shot and lies in a coma and in one week Paul has lost his fiancé; his best friend and two others. Amazingly he seems to pick himself up. He is a tower of strength for Chris` family and helps look after Chris` daughter, Rachel.

Paul does quit the force again, and this time it's for good. He decides he wants to be a lawyer and stop people like Sonny Bennett before they have a chance to be on the streets. He supports himself with shifts at the pub and Alice sets him up with a job at the local marina. Paul becomes withdrawn yet focused on the lives of vulnerable young women. He knocks out Harley and C.J after they have upset Toni and Nikki, and begins to take an unhealthy interest in Toni's well being. When Toni loses her and Harleys baby, he kidnaps Rachel Patchett and holds she and Toni hostage in the hospital room. When George and Max eventually calm the situation, E STREET realises that recent events have had a worse affect on Paul than anyone imagined. They try to sedate him but he slips the pills under his tongue and sets out on the streets dressed in his police uniform. He walks into WTV8 during a live broadcast and Sheridan talks him into appearing on the show. He talks of how he feels guilty about Rhonda and Kim and says that the police do a terrible job. As everyone watches on the t.v screens George and Max arrive with a whole crew of officers. They try to back off Paul but he does a runner and in a struggle with Max - Paul is shot. It is not serious but Paul's mental state is and David has him sectioned. Paul remains silent and looks lost as he leaves in a car, he asks George 'Where did it all go wrong?'. Where indeed? An E STREET treasure, not always in the spotlight but missed when not in the background. A tragic life and it was only a matter of time before it got too much for E STREET`s favourite constable. We missed Paul, and we hope he's happy - wherever he is.