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edenstreet.net talk to Marianne Howard

Alice Sullivan played by Marianne Howard

She was E Street's ray of sunshine, someone we could depend on for a smile and someone who would make us laugh. Alice Sullivan was one of E Street's best loved characters. But 17 years on and what does actress Marianne Howard remember of her E Street days? We found out......

Do you remember your first day on the E Street set?

Don't really remember. It was a scene where I was covered in blood after having arrived in a plane crash so I think I just had to lie there!

Around the time of the Sonny Bennett story, E Street really took off and it's popularity soared. What was it like to be part of the cast at that time?

I enjoyed the Sonny Bennett story as it involved my character. I was relieved to have some decent scenes away from behind the bar!

I adored the friendship between Alice and Lisa. Did you enjoy building that relationship and working with Alyssa-Jane?

AJ and I are still best friends and now our children play together. We are very different personalities but love each other.

Did Alice's car 'Samantha' give you as much trouble off-screen and it did on screen?!

No, it was a great car.

Alice was unlucky in love; Sonny, Adam and her crush on Paul. Do you think any one on the street was suited to her or was it good that she stayed on her own?

It worked for my character to be unlucky in love.

You, Toni Pearen and Alyssa-Jane Cook had thee most inventive wardrobes! Did you enjoy dressing up and did you have a favourite outfit?

It was always exciting to see what we could come up with. Some outfits I loved and some I hated!

Alice Sullivan played by Marianne Howard

Alice was always full of energy, she really was a ray of sunshine. Was it hard to have such a high energy level at 7 o'clock in the morning?!!

No, I was just being me!

You returned to the E Street in it's final week, it was a really nice touch. Did they approach you to return for the final shows and how did you feel about E Street finishing?

We didn't know it was the final show until the day before. It was sad but I had a new baby in real life so it was fine for me.

Have you remained in contact with any of the E Street cast?

Yes, many of them. We share a very special part of our lives.

Many thanks to Marianne Howard for taking time to do this interview.