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George Sullivan played by Les Dayman

Episodes 1 - 404

George is in charge of E Street`s bad guys. As Sergeant of the Westside police station he locks up the criminals and tries to get justice for the good guys. He was married to Katy and they had three children; two sons and a daughter, Alice. Whilst married to Katy George hit a bad patch and turned to alcohol. He walked out on his family and made a new life for himself in Westside. With the help of good friends like Martha and Ernie, he became a well respected pillar of the community. George and Martha are very close and their feelings for each other develop into a relationship. George is a good cop and his instincts are usually right. This is proven when local lawyer Sarah McKillop is raped and murdered. George is sure that the culprit is Sam Bulmer but he has no evidence. However he pursues his suspicions and they are confirmed when Lisa reveals she has also been raped by Sam. George is well respected by Constable Paul Berry who he works with. They are also good mates and George is there for Paul when his wife is shot and killed. George's downfall are his children so he is understandably nervous when his daughter Alice announces she is coming to stay. As he prepares for her arrival news of a plane crash comes in and it is revealed that Alice is on the plane. George joins the search party and Alice is found alive and well. However that doesn't stop her mother, Katy from coming to Westside to check up on her and interfere with George's life. George thinks Katy is a changed woman but she is a scheming witch and starts war with Martha. Katy tells George she still loves him and foolishly George chooses her over Martha. When it comes to the crunch George realises that he loves Martha and he tells Katy that they can't get back together. She leaves Westside and George is left to try and win back Martha. Ernie and co convince him that Martha is looking for commitment so George begrudgingly decides to propose. When he does Martha laughs, she doesn't want to go through another marriage and says all she wants is for she and George to live together. He happily accepts and they settle down together.

Trouble arrives for George in the shape of Sonny Bennett. Sonny is Lisa's brother and was put away for crime when he was a kid. George and local vicar Bob helped convict Sonny and when he went down he vowed he would get revenge. When Sonny is released from prison it is safe to say George is scared and weary, especially when Sonny moves in with Lisa and Alice. Sonny appears to have changed and everyone gives him a second chance but George is not convinced. His gut instinct is telling him that a leopard never changes it's spots. His feelings towards Sonny cause friction between him and Alice who is absolutely smitten with the bad boy. After a few weeks Sonny has still not been in trouble and George is surprised, even more so when Alice and Bob's son Harley are charged with procession of drugs. With Alice and Harley pleading innocent George and Bob realise that Sonny is behind the setup. As they go to investigate Paul and new cop Max find out the reason why. They realise that Sonny is getting his revenge by hurting George and Bob's children. By the time they figure it out Sonny is already onto his next victim Kim who he is holding hostage, as Paul and Max arrive Sonny hits out and shoots Max before fleeing the scene. Max is o.k. and George and Bob eventually catch up with Sonny and put him away where he belongs. With Alice of the hook and Sonny gone, George settles down to work and coaching the local footie squad 'The Kookas'. With his new hobbies he begins to neglect Martha. As hard as she tries she can't get through to George and she takes a shine to the brother of Ernie's new wife Abbey. Noah stays with George and Martha for the wedding and he and Martha grow very close. George has no idea what is going until Noah leaves. Martha tells George that she was tempted to go to America with Noah because he paid her attention - unlike him. George is shocked and walks out on Martha. When he returns he says he knows he has behaved badly towards her and they start to rebuild their relationship. Still not convinced about marriage George holds a party for everyone in E STREET and tells them how much he loves Martha, before presenting her with an eternity ring.

Parenting is next in line when George and Martha when her sister Heather arrives with her two children Nikki and Zac. What was a visit turns permanent when Heather runs off leaving the children with George and Martha. It's hard for all of them as they all have to adjust to their new family. George tries hard though and sees it as an opportunity to make up for the times when he wasn't there for his children. Next on the agenda is Sonny's trial and as predicted he gets sent down for 25 years. As Westside breath a sigh of relief Sonny escapes police custody and once again seeks revenge. On the eve of her engagement party to Paul he shoots and kills Kim then he sets a bomb for Bob. However it gets the wrong people and Ernie's family Chris, Megan and Abbey are killed. George is racked with guilt. He feels he could've done more to stop these tragedies from happening and vows to get Sonny Bennett. Before he has a chance Sonny shoots Martha's best friend Elly and then kills himself. Elly is not dead although she is critically ill in hospital. George's job is to now be a friend. Firstly for Paul who has again lost a woman he loved and next for Ernie and Vi who have lost their family. The grief is too much for Ernie and Paul and they leave Westside.

Concern then hits George when Alice goes back to school and starts dating her English teacher. George doesn't like Adam and his suspicions are as ever right when Alice finds out he has a wife. Adam walks out on Alice and leaves with a broken heart as well as something else. George is quite openly shocked when Alice reveals she is pregnant. At first George doesn't see how she hope to bring up this child on her own but when he witness the baby's first kick he is overcome with emotion and vows to support Alice. Meanwhile local ice maiden Sheridan Sturgess is having nightmares and tells George there is something dodgy about karate teacher Steven Richardson. He takes her claims rather humorously as Steven is a well loved member of the community. However when Lisa's husband and Sheridan's brother Michael goes missing, Lisa asks George to search Stevens house. George does so but finds no evidence of Michael being there and still finds the claims absurd. While George is away on a police seminar, Michael is found dead along with local doctor Virginia Travis. Psycho Steven confesses the murders to a shocked Sheridan and he is captured by the police and taken to a psychiatric hospital. When George comes home he jumps straight into action when Alice goes into labour. She requests that he be at the birth and the proud grandfather witnesses his granddaughter Amber, be brought into the world. Amber is not the only arrival on that day and George is well pleased when Ernie returns to Westside for good. The new arrivals fill the space of Nikki and Zac who leave Westside when their mother returns and they decide to move to New Zealand with her. George surprises himself by being so upset over their departure and he and Martha return to life as a couple. Things turn sour when Steven manages to escape from the hospital and preys on the folk of Westside. He first kidnaps Toni, holds Sheridan hostage and then locks Lisa in a deep freezer. All three of his victims survive but the events take their toll on Lisa who decides to quit Westside. Alice decides that she can't live without her best friends and tells George that she'll be accompanying Lisa to Queensland. He's upset but says if it'll make her happy then she must go.

With the police having no luck in catching Steven, terrorised Sheridan takes matters into her own hands and in the presence of George and Max, she shoots him. She is taken into custody and George is gutted that she will now face a jail sentence for shooting someone that has killed her friends, her brother and made her life hell. Things get worse when Sheridan's lover Wheels, busts her out of jail and the pair go on the run. George fails to catch them and an old police acquaintance of his turns up to get Sheridan and Wheels. Ed Farrell is a duck hunter and wants the runaways caught at any cost. What makes things hard is that Ed's son Sam is now George's new constable. As Ed runs wild George has a late night chat with Ernie. He tells him how sorry he is about Chris, Megan and Abbey and how he wishes he could've done something. George reveals that he wants to help Wheels and Sheridan because he doesn't believe that justice is being done. With Sheridan now pregnant there are three lives at steak and George is not willing to have their deaths on his conscience. As Ed and his gang shoot their hide - out to pieces Sheridan and Wheels soak up the sun of The Maldives and then make a toast to 'the last of the good guys - George Sullivan'. George has done good, he doesn't feel too good about it but he knows it was the right thing to do.

Just so George doesn't go out of work another criminal arrives in the shape of Jack Brown, Bob's brother. Jack creates trouble and shoots people like flies but he is always one step ahead of George. George can't crack what it is about Jack and he runs into a brick wall when he asks loyal Bob for help. So he concentrates on his home life where Martha is preparing for the arrival of another waif and stray. She has decided to take in Bonnie Tate, the daughter of a rich man. Bonnie needs love and attention and after a bit of convincing George agrees that he and Martha will look after her. When Nikki arrives home they create endless amounts of trouble and George looses his temper on more than one occasion. When Bob is seriously hurt in a car crash George is determined to get to the bottom of Jack Brown. He confronts Jack and says he knows he's involved with Bob's 'accident', but what he can't understand is why he has received an order to leave him alone. Jack reveals that he is a cop, a secret service agent and while trying to solve a crime has been embroiled in one himself. So George leaves Jack alone, he is a criminal in his eyes but he is also 'untouchable'. There's a heavy blow when Bob dies from his injuries. Westside's outpour of grief doesn't involve George who retreats for some company at home. When Martha arrives to comfort him he says that he feels guilty because he can't cry, not even for Bob. After all the death and trauma he has coped with and seen he has grown hard and can't shed a tear for one of his best mates. George's grief for Bob isn't shown in tears but his dedication to Bobs memory is clear. He does his best to see the people behind Bob's death are caught and he spends a lot of his time helping out at 'The Robert Brown Community Centre', later named 'Bob's Place'.

As E Street nears it's conclusion George welcomes the return of Alice and Amber who have come to stay for a little while before Alice starts a fashion course. In the E STREET finale George, along with Martha, stands back to reflect on the people that have come and gone over the years. His friends, family, the endless lists of criminals and the sad list of victims. But one thing remains; George's dedication to the people of E Street and I am sure that he is still fighting crime in his retirement. George was the longest serving male cast member and he sure did us all proud.